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Sopo Broken Hearts 5 March 21, 2009

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On March 6 and 7 I participated in Sopo’s Broken Hearts 5 weekend.  It was a great time and lots of fun.  You didn’t have to be a real cyclist to enjoy the race.  It was all about having fun. 

Photos and Video

Sopo Broken Hearts Recap

Creative Loafing Pictures

Thanks to Sopo for putting it on.  It’s definitely on the calendar for next year.


Sopo in the Snow March 7, 2009

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As most everyone knows, I volunteer at Sopo Bikes in East Atlanta.  On Sunday, the snow day of Atlanta, I went into the shop to help out.  I had to clear off the snow from the Mazda with a CD case because I didn’t have my snow/ice scraper.  I have a scraper for the one or 2 days that I actually need it.  It was a slow drive over.  Snow and Atlanta drivers do not mix well.  It was a slow day at the shop.  Only the die-hards came out to volunteer or to work on their bikes.  Yes we were open, all huddled inside away from the snow.



Snow in Atlanta March 6, 2009

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This past weekend, the weather was cold enough that it snowed.  It was great to see but Atlanta is not use to driving in the snow.  Snow on Sunday closes schools on Monday.