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Phnom Penh in Tucker May 25, 2009

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Hilary had a coupon for this restaurant because we have never tried Cambodian Cuisine before.  We were not disappointed.  Out of 6 dishes, we struck out on 1 because we added too much coconut milk.  It was a real good meal and at a good price.  It was a drive out to Tucker but it was well worth it.  There are several reviews about the restaurant from TripAdvisor, Yelp, Urban Spoon, and Creative Loafing.



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We have added to our eldest cats nicknames.  His real name is Galaktabouriko which is a Greek dessert.  From there his nicknames have included Booty, Purr Machine, Mustachio, and Boober.  Recently we have started calling hime Frenchy because of this article we found.  It’s what he does best, eat and sleep.



Blooms in our front yard

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We haven’t had much time to dedicate to our yard, front or back.  Our greenery consists of weeds and wild flowers that have grown.  In the past from what our neighbors have told us, our house was a garden oasis.  A horticulturist use to live here.  We can see signs of it with the different kinds of trees, flowers, planting beds, and pond.  But over time before we moved in, everything was neglected.  When we did our renovations, more of the greenery was killed by the construction.  So it’s a treat to see blooms in our yard.



Critters outside of the House

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Hilary heard a noise out back and when we took a look there was a baby possum in the recycling bin.  Turning on the light scarred it away and it scurried around the back of the house.



Cats and Pregnancy

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Our cats are also affected by the pregnancy. Hilary had a McDonald’s craving and so did the cats.  That’s Meemur with her head in the bag and Keeker is next in line.



Twins at 16 Weeks May 24, 2009

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Here are pictures of the twins at 16 weeks.



Hilary’s Growing Belly May 23, 2009

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Here are pictures of Hilary’s growing belly.  With 2 in the oven she is larger than most at this same number of weeks.