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And lets not forget our Daughter November 6, 2009

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Here she is all clean and cute and sporting a faux hawk.

kids-pics-061.jpg kids-pics-063.jpg


Our Son the Hipster

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Tonight we put Dirk in this outfit that made him into a baby hipster.  First, he has the unkept hair.  Second, he has the ironic t-shirt; it says “I Live in a Gated Community” and has a picture of a child in a play pen.  Third, he has on camo pants.  And lastly he has on Vans which in this case is baby socks made to look like checkerboard old school Vans slip-ons.

Our Son the Hipster.


Here’s the official Hipster Olympics video from YouTube.


Top 10 Reasons Why There Couldn’t Be a Filipino-American US President November 5, 2009

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By David Letterman.

10. The White House is not big enough for in-laws and extended relatives.

9. There are not enough parking spaces at the White House for 2 Honda
Civics, 2 Toyota Land Cruisers, 3 Toyota
Corollas, a Mercedes Benz, a BMW,
and an MPV (My Pinoy Van).

8. Dignitaries generally are intimidated by eating with their fingers at
State dinners.

7. There are too many dining rooms in the White House – where will they put
the picture of the Last Supper?

6. The White House walls are not big enough to hold a pair of giant wooden
spoon and fork.

5. Secret Service staff won’t respond to ‘psst… psst’ or ‘hoy.hoy.hoy’ .

4. Secret Service staff will not be comfortable driving the presidential car
with a Holy Rosary hanging on the rear view mirror, or the statue of the
Santo Niño on the dashboard.

3. No budget allocation to purchase a Karaoke music-machine for every room
in the White House.

2. State dinners do not allow ‘Take Home’.


1. Air Force One does not allow overweight ‘Balikbayan boxes’!

(My cousin in Philippines sent this to me and it was funny enough to post.  And we also own a Mazda MPV, which is the real name for the van but it makes me wonder who they were marketing the van to.)


10 Ways to Be a Better Thinker

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I found this article from a old issue of Real Simple magazine.

10 Ways to Be a Better Thinker

Science writer Jonah Lehrer explains how you can get much more out of that most mysterious of organs: the brain.

I call it the “leather couch problem,” but it happens to me every time I have to purchase something expensive. I’ll be standing in the furniture store, contemplating my sofa options―do I want the chestnut cotton or the black suede sectional?―when I’m suddenly seized with anxiety. What if I choose the wrong one? Beads of nervous sweat gather on my forehead; Ikea is not a fun place to have a mild panic attack.

Read the rest of the article here.


Halloween, their 1st holiday November 1, 2009

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