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Run Commuting April 19, 2010

Filed under: Home — 2593lrd @ 2:18 pm

This guy does it and he’s local. This guy also does it. This guy even provides tips. He’s also a Microsoft VP and had an article written about him by The Seattle Times.

My schedule has completely changed so I haven’t been able to run as much as I want to. Even the Wednesday night runs are out of the question for the next couple of months till my schedule changes. I also have a motivational problem. Once I get home, I really don’t want to leave for a run. There is always something more fun to do at home. I have still been able to bike commute from work to home after my day is done. I have yet to subscribe to biking to work because I would be very sweaty and stink all day in my cube. After reading about a local Atlanta run commuting, I just decided to try it. And it wasn’t bad.

The run was a straight shot from Atlanta to Decatur with a route planned by Yahoo Map Directions. Logistics of clothes was solved because I will commute by bike one day, run commute the next, and bike after that. I can haul my clothes when I bike and don’t need to carry it on the way home. Last Thursday was the 1st day. This week may be the complete week of run commuting. I don’t get a chance to run so this may be the way to keep in running shape. Sooner or later I’ll update with more info and pictures. I can log a day in pictures easier on the run than on a bike.


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