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Walking Macheen November 29, 2010

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Sofy and Dirk have been walking so much the past 2 days. Awesome!


Does McRib’s limited availability make it so popular? November 27, 2010

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From usatoday.com…

Does McRib’s limited availability make it so popular?

The McRib is available until Dec. 5.
Enlarge image Enlarge By David Paul Morris, Getty Images
The McRib is available until Dec. 5.
By Melissa Rayworth, For The Associated Press
Bradley Chong had a McRib for lunch on Nov. 13. He had another the next day, and the next day, and the next. In fact, he says he’s eaten a McRib practically every day since McDonald’s brought back their sauce-laden, processed pork patty earlier this month.

Chong knows his access to the McRib won’t last forever. On Dec. 5, it will disappear from the McDonald’s near his home in Honolulu and from every McDonald’s in America. When will it return? No telling.

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Falling For Fall

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Checking Decorations His Way

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Christmas Decorations

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Saturday Morning

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With Calliou